Leisure Cargo

Leisure Cargo is specialized in turn-key cargo sales and service concepts as well as exclusive and truly 100% cargo management services. The total Air Cargo Management leisurelogoExperts provide all carriers represented with full logistical know-how like sales, handling and road feeder service supported by a well distributed GSA network worldwide.
Established in January 2000, Leisure Cargo is the only “virtual cargo airline”. Without any own fleet but having access to the bellies of meanwhile 19 carriers Leisure Cargo is able to offer its service extremely successfully to about 300 destinations.
The entire customers’ range like national and international big and well-known forwarder companies, but also private clients, can rely on a fully dedicated staff at the stations headquartered at DUS airport, and airports FRA, HAM, MUC.
By using only one AWB and having access to one reservation system worldwide Leisure Cargo can serve all matters of requests individually and flexibly. Customers are used to friendly and personal advice and support.
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Industry city producing surgical/Leather Goods/ Sports Goods. 80% small shpts market. Main exports for; Europe/ Africa/ American destinations. All carriers depend on this market, HEAVY DENS / GOOD, small weight breaks volume available round the year.
Karachi is a largest city in Pakistan. Every carrier operating from there. Mainly exports to Europe/ American destinations.
Commodities : Textile/ Garments/ PER/ Veg/Fish. Huge city having MEGA volumes, over 45% exports contribution
Islamabad is not a commercial city, Mainly export of Diplomatic Personal Effects to Europe/ Africa/ America.
Lahore is a second largest city in pakistan, mainly export to Europe/ America/ Africa.
Commodities:  Garments/ Textile/Sports Goods/ Tents/ Meat/Vegetable
Small city with producing Stones/ Carpets, export to Europe/ America