Message From CEO

Translgoistix Group is a top aviation group and as we further grow, we are continuing to establish a globally focused approach to management

In recent years, the company has experienced tremendous growth establishing a state-of-the-art management and a quality improvement system based on our mid and long term vision of “innovation for customers.”

Our company, from the outset, has been proud to set benchmarks for the execution of our professional obligations. This characteristic along with our adherence to international safety standards and acceptance of innovation has endeared us well in the eyes of our long term customers.
The exalted status that Translogistix Group has managed to achieve makes us immensely proud of our past and gives us the inspiration to surge vigorously towards a brighter future. We remain open to innovation and consider it crucial in providing our clients with high quality services.
Furthermore, Translogistix Group believes in a zero-error quality philosophy and has developed service standards at par with the best in the industry.

I appreciate my customers deeply for making this company as it stands today. Translogistix Group is ready to reborn as a top aviation group by continuing to establish a globally-focused approach to management. We assure you that Translogistix will always take bold and
ground-breaking steps for our customers worldwide.

Maqsood A. Latifi